MACBETH by William Shakespeare
October 20, 21, 22 | Switchback Coffee Roasters
October 27, 28, 29 | The Modbo

Fridays and Saturdays at 7.30pm
Sundays at 4.30pm

The audience enters into a lamplit space and is greeted by a traveling storyteller troupe that prepares the performance space: a rug, a chest with a handful of props and costumes, a few instruments, and some lanterns. The ensemble explains the rules to the audience:

1. Only four actors can be onstage at any time.
2. Actors will trade, take, and give roles after every scene.
3. No actor may play the same character two scenes in a row.
4. The audience chooses who will start the rotation.
5. The audience might be pulled into a scene at a moment’s notice.

Once the rules have been explained, the show begins, and it will be different every single night.

After being promised the throne by a group of mysterious figures on the battlefield, Macbeth plots with his wife to murder King Duncan and take the Scottish throne. The plotting, the deed, and the aftermath demonstrate the lasting power of Shakespeare’s insight into betrayal, madness, and the psychic cost of ambition. Told in this fashion, Counterweight explores and dismantles both the play as well as the entire experience of theatre.

$12 for general admission / $5 for students

The cast includes Amber Carlton, Ethan Everhart, Joanne Koehler, Joe O’Rear, and Sophie Thunberg.