Counterweight Theatre Lab is holding auditions for Antigone by Anne Carson and Sophocles, which will be performed October 18 - November 4.

About this adaptation, MH Miller wrote, "Ms. Carson does more than just update the language and quicken the pacing—she rewrites the play, mines its subtleties, its absurdity and its strangely comic timing and manages to produce a unique text out of a story that goes back much further than the fifth century when Sophocles wrote his version." You've never seen or read a Greek tragedy done this way before: relevant, hilarious, heartbreaking.

We're seeking actors for the following roles:

-Antigone, 18-50, trying to bury her brother despite its illegality, deeply principled
-Ismene, 18-50, sister of Antigone, reasonable, scared
-Kreon, 30 - 70, king of Thebes, powerful, committed to the law, doing his best
-Eurydike, 30-70, wife of Kreon, almost an afterthought in the original text, acknowledges this sardonically
-Haimon, 18 - 50, son of Kreon, engaged to Antigone, angry
-The Chorus, two people both in and out of the story, aware of being in a play
-Teiresias, 40-90, blind prophet, never wrong (historically)

Those interested in auditioning should come prepared to perform cold reads from the script. To get the sides, send an email to

Venue Location: Knights of Columbus Hall on the west edge of the Penrose Library at 25 West Kiowa.
There is abundant (and free!) parking in the back lot of the library adjacent to the PPCC campus.

For questions, email or call 719-445-8302.