by William Shakespeare

AUGUST 8-18 2019
The Cellar at Carter Payne, 320 S. Weber, Colorado Springs, CO

A timely shipwreck brings the exiled magician Prospero face-to-face with his unjust past. Aided by the often invisible spirit, Ariel and deterred by the grotesque Caliban, will he use this most potent art to take his revenge or allow the whispers of forgiveness to reach his soul? The lines between storyteller and audience are blurred as this natural tension seeks to be undone. Join Counterweight in our intimate retelling of this magical revenge story.

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"When twenty thousand people sat in the clear sunshine of an Athenian hillside and watched through the course of an entire day, or of several days, a play in which men struggled against the Gods, they did not go primarily to be entertained. They did not loll in their seats and say, ‘Give me a pick-me-up.’ They said ‘Clarify the experiences I see all about me, celebrate life, death, and love. Fill me with terror and pity. Purge me.’”

— Hallie Flanagan